Port of Buchanan - the new gateway to Liberia

Versatile, multi-modal, efficient and productive: this is our vision for the Port of Buchanan.


The National Port Authority of Liberia has expressed its aspiration to facilitate the reconstruction and development of the Port of Buchanan by harnessing the expertise of the free market



The Port of Buchanan will be transformed into a world class shipping facility and will generate an extraordinary amount of economic development and prosperity.



Buchanan (Bassa: Gbezohn) is the third largest city in Liberia, strategically located on Waterhouse Bay, which opens into the Atlantic Ocean.


About the port

The rehabilitation and expansion of the port will expand its transportation capabilities in a spectacular way. The upgraded port will be able to transfer almost all manufactured goods and almost all of the world’s traded commodities.

We will be a multi-modal port because we provide access to the hinterland via wide range of transport options with a strong emphasis on inland shipping. Furthermore, we offer space for development with over 10,000 hectares of commercial property still available for future growth.


Port of Buchanan development

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