The Port’s Human Resources (HR) Division provides HR related services to internal customers (other Port Divisions and the Board), and maintains effective partnerships with external customers, including job applicants, program associates and employee organizations.

The HR division partners with internal stakeholders in the areas of labor relations, staffing, payroll and benefits, equal opportunity, organizational effectiveness and workers’ compensation.

The organization and management of human resources in maritime transport have their characteristics as they are an integral part both of the transportation process and the efficient and productive carrying out of the main and secondary services at ports.

Another key element of human resources management system for sea ports is personnel recruitment. This process hinges on the operator’s ability to attract transport workers with the appropriate qualifications and competencies. Our company is committed to hiring and training a local Liberian workforce including skilled engineers and managers.

In the maritime transport, all workers must be medically fit to work on the board of ships and at ports, have approved education (to graduate university or high school or have technical specialties) and have seagoing internship when required. In accordance with the aforementioned requirements and specifics of the main and secondary activities done at the sea ports, the most widespread occupations at ports are stevedore; expert in transshipment operations; manager trade exploitation; head of sea station, (etc.).

Employees are at the center of the Port’s success, and the HR Division plays a key role in providing solutions that reward and retain the Port’s most critical asset