The National Port Authority of Liberia has expressed its aspiration to facilitate the reconstruction and development of the Port of Buchanan by harnessing the expertise of the free market. 

Our project is unique in its innovative approach regarding the development and operation of the Port of Buchanan because of its application of cutting edge logistics and technology and because of the incorporation of industrial infrastructure throughout the entire port area.

In line with the recommendations of the World Bank set in the UNCITRAL legislative guide on privately financed infrastructure projects implemented in the PPCC Act 2010, the Government of Liberia thoroughly examined our unsolicited proposal and took into consideration: the importance of foreign capital investments in infrastructure projects other than mining agreements; the importance of the quality and variety of public services which shall be offered in the Port of Buchanan; the considerable amount of the investment; the timing of the first results for the economy of Liberia; the unique technologies which shall be applied; the extensive social responsibility program and the attention of the Concessionaire to the use of local content and provision of training and educational practices.