The Port of Buchanan will be transformed into a world class shipping facility and will generate an extraordinary amount of economic development and prosperity.


The development of the Port of Buchanan shall be aimed at:

  • Creation of a public port
  • Improvement of the quality and number of services 
  • Development of the port area
  • Increase of the cargo turnover
  • Proper marketing
  • Possible cooperation or other forms of interaction with Investors interested in the development of the Port.

Creation of four new berth places in the existing basin of the Port and two Capesize berths in the planned extension of the port:

  • one dedicated for iron ore shipments inside the existing Port basin
  • two for liquid bulk cargoes
  • one for general cargoes
  • two Capesize berths situated at the extension of the Port in the sea.

Creation of five new terminals on the territory of the Port:

  • liquid bulk terminal with overall storage capacity of up to 1 million tonnes (depending on the cargo flows)
  • log and sawn timber terminal
  • general cargo terminal with warehouses for covered storage
  • iron ore terminal for ROTACON operations
  • multi-purpose silo facilities for import of fertilizers and export of grains

These investments, covering rehabilitation, construction and development works in the above set area of the Port amounts to USD 277,000,000 (two hundred seventy seven million United States Dollars).