We are conceived to ensure the Port’s own staff will be trained with the necessary skills, qualifications and competency to deliver the Port’s services both safely and effectively. We strive to deliver high quality practical and vocational training so that delegates leave us better prepared to make their working environment both safer and more productive.


Within the port the we shall establish three professional training centers providing free education as follows:

Training Center №1

Technical and professional education: providing training program for educating professionals necessary for the work in the port

Training Center №2

Education in common knowledge of the quality documentary systems, basic IT knowledge, safety and personal responsibility practices

Training Center №3

Specialized English Language

For the purpose of providing an extensive social package for the employees of the Port, a Basic, Primary and Secondary School for the children of the employees shall be established, providing a free education in accordance with the requirements of the Education System of the Republic of Liberia and the latest achievements in that field in the world.