The Industrial Zone in the Port of Buchanan will be a sizable industrialized estate with high quality infrastructure to support commercial and logistics facilities to foreign and local investors. It will be an ideal location for manufacturing and trading companies exporting their products to ECOWAS states, thanks to:

its convenient location at the transport hub in the Port of Buchanan

low cost warehousing space

paved roads system within the Zone

security system at the highest possible international standards

stable and affordable electricity supply

availability to use the existing training centers infrastructure to educate own staff

As part of our CSR policy is the development of the local sustainable farming and fishing education for the local community by providing them with land, materials and tutors, thus companies which are localized in the Industrial Zone can benefit from the food production of the local community.

The Industrial Zone is poised for transition into a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) upon the implementation of the appropriate legal framework by the Government of Liberia.   Transitioning to an SEZ would further enhance the investment environment for international and indigenous enterprises.