Port of Buchanan is one of the most important Liberian exporting ports for iron ore.

The concept of the integral development of an Industrial Zone and terminals and berths servicing the industry there, transforms the once specialized harbor into a modern multi – modal, multi – commodity transport cluster.

The diversity, flexibility and clear-cut infrastructure of the port will create excellent conditions for quick, safe and cost-efficient handling of material flows. At the Port, even large single batches will move smoothly between different modes of transportation, storage facilities and vessels.

Our Project

The development of the Liberian mining industry and the necessity to comply with the Implementation Agreement with the Government of Guinea which Liberia entered in October 2019 requires creation of a modern, swift and ecological iron ore terminal. The project allows segregated storage of the different iron ores which might be delivered by the companies having mines in Guinea and Liberia , such as Arcelor Mittal, HPX, Zali Mining, Niron Metals, Al Khaldiya Mining etc.

Our project guarantees 35-40 million tonnes annual iron ore transshipment capacity at the end of the 2nd year of Concession and if there is a demand and railway capacity for more we can easily increase it to 50 million tonnes per annum. 

After the completion of the extension in the sea, the Port will reach annual iron ore capacity of 85-90 million metric tonnes, which of course requires a second railway to Nimba mountain to be built.


The Public facility status of the port guarantees that every customer with cargo shall be treated in an equal manner without discrimination which will drive the development of the Liberian economy.